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Kevin Jones
2010 North C Street
Fremont NE 68025
K Cell P: 402-719-8681
R Cell P: 402-720-8891
As of February 2016 I make 20 different rides in O Scale (1/4" to 1' or 1/48th). Each
ride is a fully seperate operating scene from a carnival midway or amusement part
with a standard electrical house plug 120v(USA). Each base is ~16"x12" and is made
to fit a hole with the size of 11"x15" with the ride platform being 1/2" above layout.
Materials used to make the ride are brass for the ride and wood for the base and
platforms. Some pieces like the paratrooper top, round up back to standup in,
horses on carousel and all the people are hand painted plastic. The lighting is 12vdc
and each ride has a transformer and fuse underneath. All the light bulbs are
incandescent from Radio Shack for ease on replacement.

To see each ride go to'' PICTURES '' on the left menu. This will show you all 20
rides that I make. Then click at the right to see more about each ride.

Each ride is signed and numbered.

Any change to a ride can be made to fit your personal layout or wishes.

The music in the utube videos does not come with the ride.

Thank you for visiting and Enjoy.