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Scale Carnival Rides family business for those model train layout enthusiasts and motorized amusement

Kevin Jones is the builder of these hand-crafted wood and brass amusement rides. All these are O scale,
hand painted and operational. The motorized carnival rides all have 12v DC lights and 110v AC motors on
a 16x12" base recessed 3/4" for easy installation into your layout.

As a child my mother and father made a Christmas layout that was gigantic. My siblings and I had a
Christmas to remember each and every year as we grew up. The first pieces were made in 1944. As Ed and
Fran family grew so did the pieces and rides. It had trains, running water and little fish you could catch,
amusement rides of all kinds, houses all with lights, church, manger, a sky that had sparkling stars,
streetcar, Santa clause with reindeer and sleigh that flew across the sky, tunnels, roads, cars, and people.

In about 1983 Edwin and Frances Jones began toying with all scales of amusement rides. The first 2 years
were HO guage and some G guage rides, as they built the first ones in Glassport PA they noticed a larger
market in O scale rides for the model train layout enthusiast. Their first show was a Greenberg model
railroad and toy show in Monroeville PA.

From yard sales and disassembled machines Ed and Fran continued to supply the scale carnival rides to
miniature model builders and train layout enthusiasts. As the supply of spare parts decreased they found
suppliers for everything from the motors to the hand painted people. Each original ride was dated and a
signed by Edwin Jones, and the demand has remained constant throughout the years.

In 2002 Kevin, their youngest son came home to help while Ed battled cancer. Although Ed is gone, the
genius of his rides will still make carnival and train devotees smile and marvel at the thought that these
works of art were created from brass stock, wood, and some small thing found around the house. Since
then Kevin has continued to build the rides that makes so many carnival and train modelers happy.

The bottom photo is Edwin Jones, my father and genius behind Scale Carnival Rides. His motorizing and
lighting of the miniature rides then scaling them to size is a miracle we all can still see in these rides. The
photo on the right is Fran and that made all this possible and family. From the left: myself, Bus, Edde, Amy,
Fran and Anton.
Kevin Jones
2010 North C Street
Fremont NE 68025
Cell P: 402-719-8681